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It's been a such a pleasure running these seminars and finishing off with such a fabulous day of training for 2016,  the feedback from this seminar came up as an excellent day of training, professional speakers throughout the day and once again finished of the day with networking drinks. 

I would like to say an immense thank you to all those who attended this seminar and a big thank you to all the speakers and sponsors who made this day such a great success!!


A fantastic day of training, we kicked off with Trevor Kempster from TBA FireFly presenting a sponsor presentation, followed by Scott Anderson and Kieran Scott Directors of FyrePro who spoke on Passive Fire Protection DTS Compliance then finishing off with Stephen Burton, Principal Engineer from Ferm Engineering talking about Fire Protection and Fabrication relating to Fire and Steel and Professor José Torero who is the Head of the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Queensland who finished the day with an excellent presentation on Fundamental Principles of Structural Fire Performance.

CPD Solutions invites Building Surveyors, Engineers, and Architects to register for a unique opportunity to come together to go through the basic principles of fire dynamics, fire resistance and structural behaviour in fire.

Last week I spent two days in web boot camp with my fabulous designer, Jacqui Blanch, finalising all my procedures and my CPD Solutions database and website. Had a great time, learnt a lot, had some fun, met some of the local wildlife and got completely up to speed on how to update and run my business online.

It has been great to hear all the positive feedback about how smoothly this new system works and how the one-day seminar in May was such a great success (see the wrap up and photos here).

It’s been an exhilarating journey starting my own training business; I would like to say an immense thank you to those who attended CPD Solutions' first seminar in Queensland.

This one-day seminar included talks on numerous topics throughout the day which lead to lots of great discussions followed by networking drinks; it was a great success!!